The multifunctional, scientific Computer Cluster (mfs-Cluster) of the

Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences (FB11), University of Kassel

acts as an Application Service Provider (ASP) for research staff and students. Most scientific applications in our faculty, which are relevant for data processing, concern to mathematics, modelling and simulation, statistics, analysis of spatial data and advanced data management.

• A comprehensive offer of scientific software ....

The computer cluster offers a wide range of professional, scientific software. Windows and Linux programs can be used easily from a virtual desktop.

• ... simply use ...

You can use the cluster from each computer, which is connected with the Internet, independently of the operating system which is running on your local computer. As an user of the cluster you do not have any effort/costs for procurement, installation and maintenance of software.

• ... and cooperate with colleagues.

The cluster provides new technical facilities for scientific co-operation. With shareable sessions several users can solve a problem together. Data are available everywhere and data exchange can be handled easily.