1. General Model Information

Name: Danny Harvey's 1-D Climate Carbon-Cycle Model


Main medium: air+terrestrial+aquatic
Main subject: biogeochemistry
Organization level: ecosphere
Type of model: ordinary differential equations
Main application: education
Keywords: carbon cycle, climate change, atmosphere, ocean carbon chemistry, terrestrial biosphere, educational


Dr. L.D. Danny Harvey
Department of Geography, University of Toronto

Phone: (416) 978-1558
Fax: (416) 978-6729
email: harvey@geog.utoronto.ca


Harold Reynolds (interface designer)
Danny Harvey (model creator)


II. Technical Information

II.1 Executables:

Operating System(s): model and submodels can be run interactively, see above

II.2 Source-code:

Programming Language(s):

II.3 Manuals:

historical data and scenario data are provided as defaults

II.4 Data:

historical data and scenario data are provided as defaults

III. Mathematical Information

III.1 Mathematics

III.2 Quantities

III.2.1 Input

III.2.2 Output

IV. References

V. Further information in the World-Wide-Web

VI. Additional remarks

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