1. General Model Information

Name: Flow and Transport in the Saturated and Unsaturated Zones in 2 or 3 Dimensions

Acronym: BIOFT3D

Main medium: terrestrial
Main subject: hydrology
Organization level: ecosystem
Type of model: partial differential equations (finite elements,3D)
Main application:
Keywords: contaminant, flow, transport, saturated, unsaturated, hydrogeology, porous media, convection-dispersion equation, 3-phase-flow, equilibrium adsorption, zero-order production, first order degradation, dual porosity, finite element numerics, conjugate gradient method


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All too often simplified assumptions are made to simulate flow and transport of contaminants at sites with complex physical, chemical and biological conditions to enable use of analytical or less rigorous numerical models. But typical contaminated field sites have complicated heterogeneous and/or anisotropic hydrogeology, some have fractures undergoing significant mass exchange with surrounding porous media. The sources of contamination are spatially distributed and/or changing with time. Microbial metabolism activities can proceed in the presence of a variety of electron acceptors. When a site's complexities are ignored, results can often be erroneous and meaningless.

Draper Aden Environmental Modeling, Inc. has developed a finite element model, BIOF&T-3D, that allows:




For each species:

Author of the abstract: Draper Aden Environmental Modeling, Inc. (DAEM)

II. Technical Information II.1 Executables:
Hardware requirements: