1. General Model Information

Name: The growth model for uneven-aged mixed conifer stands in California

Acronym: CALPRO

Main medium: terrestrial
Main subject: forestry
Organization level: Landscape, Ecosystem
Type of model: Matrix Growth Model, other, Markov chain
Main application: simulation/optimisation tool, decision support/expert system, research
Keywords: Mixed conifers, Uneven-aged Management, Economics, Ecology,Growth model, Diversity


Jingjing Liang
Room A 141, 1630 Linden Dr., Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-263-5574
email: jliang2@wisc.edu
Homepage: http://www.forestmodel.com


Jingjing Liang and Joseph Buongiorno


CalPro is a Microsoft Excel add-in program to simulate the growth and management of uneven-aged mixed conifer stands in California. Its built-in growth models were calibrated from 177 uneven-aged plots in California. Stands are described by the number of trees per unit area in each of 19 size classes in the following species groups: hardwood and softwood. CalPro allows managers to predict stand development by year and for many decades from a specific initial state. Users can choose cutting regimes by specifying the interval between harvests (cutting cycle) and a target distribution of trees remaining after harvest. A target distribution can be a BDq distribution or any other desired distribution. Diameter-limit cuts can also be simulated. Tabulated and graphic results show diameter distributions, basal area, volumes, income, net present value, and indices of stand diversity by species and size.

II. Technical Information

II.1 Executables:

Operating System(s): · Windows® 95,98, 2000, Me, XP, or Windows NT™ 4
ForestModel.com -- CalPro (free download)

II.2 Source-code:

Programming Language(s): VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Excel

II.3 Manuals:

II.4 Data:

III. Mathematical Information

III.1 Mathematics

III.2 Quantities

III.2.1 Input

III.2.2 Output

IV. References

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VI. Additional remarks

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