1. General Model Information


Acronym: ECOMONT

Main medium: terrestrial
Main subject: biogeochemistry
Organization level: organ
Type of model: not specified
Main application:
Keywords: net photosynthesis, leaf gas exchange, nitrogen,


Georg Wohlfahrt

Insitut fuer Botanik,
Universitaet Innsbruck,
Sternwartstr. 15,
A-6020 Innsbruck,
phone: ++43-512-507-5917
fax: ++43-512-507-2975
email: Georg.Wohlfahrt@uibk.ac.at


Georg Wohlfahrt


The widely used, mechanistically based Farquhar model (Farquhar et al. 1980; von Caemmerer & Farquhar 1981) of C3 carbon assimilation, modified according Harley & Tenhunen (1991), was employed. Essential to this model is that CO2 uptake is eiter entirely limited bei RUBISCO activity and the respective partial pressure of the competing gasses CO2 and O2 at the sites of carboxylation or by electron transport, which limits the rate at which RuBP is regerated. Limitations of RuBP regeneration arising from the avaiability of inorganic phosphate for photophosphorylation (WP; Sharkey 1985 are not considered in this model But this model considers nitrogen dependencies of Vcmax, Pml and Rdark. Leaf internal CO2 partial pressure is calculated from the net photosynthesis and stomatal conductance according Fick's law. Due to the fact that net photosynthesis and stomatal conductance are not independent, the model must solve for internal CO2 partial pressure in an iterative fashion (Harley & Tenhunen 1991; Harley & Baldocchi 1995).

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