1. General Model Information

Name: MOTOR - Modular description of Organic matter TurnOveR.

Acronym: MOTOR

Main medium: terrestrial
Main subject: biogeochemistry
Organization level: ecosystem
Type of model: ordinary differential equations
Main application:
Keywords: organic matter, soil, decomposition, carbon dynamics, nitrogen dynamics


Dr. A.P. Whitmore.
Research Institute for Agrobiology and Soil Fertility (AB-DLO), , P.O.Box 129, 9750 AC Haren (Gr.), THE NETHERLANDS.
Phone: +31.50.5337303
Fax: +31.50.5337291
email: a.p.whitmore@ab.dlo.nl



Purpose of the model:

Model parentage: Bradbury et. al., Jenkinson and Rayner model.

Source of the AbstractCAMASE Register of Agro-ecosystems Models

II. Technical Information

II.1 Executables:

Operating System(s): PC. Contract necessary: Costs: : Floppy disk. Comments:

II.2 Source-code:

Programming Language(s): Microsoft FORTRAN.

II.3 Manuals:

II.4 Data:

III. Mathematical Information

III.1 Mathematics

III.2 Quantities

Rate variables: User specified. Output data: Rate constant, clay content.

State variables: Residues microbial biomass, non-protected organic matter, protected organic matter.

III.2.1 Input

Decomposition of: residues, microbial biomass and non-protected organic matter, rates of desorption and adsorbtion of organic matter.

III.2.2 Output

Rate constant, clay content.

Time interval of simulation: Any.

IV. References

V. Further information in the World-Wide-Web

VI. Additional remarks

Parentage: Bradbury et. al., Jenkinson and Rayner model.
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