1. General Model Information


Acronym: NAM_SOM

Main medium: terrestrial
Main subject: biogeochemistry
Organization level: ecosystem
Type of model: compartment model
Main application:
Keywords: soil, decomposition, plant debris, animal debris,


Irene Ryzhova

address: Dept. of Soil Science, Moscow State
University, Moscow
phone: 095 939 45 89
fax: 095 939 09 89
email: ryzhov@hppi.troitsk.ru


Irene Ryzhova


The model simulates the decomposition of soil organic matter.

II. Technical Information

II. Technical Information

II.1 Executables:

Operating System(s): DOS 5

II.2 Source-code:

Programming Language(s):

II.3 Manuals:

II.4 Data:

III. Mathematical Information

III.1 Mathematics

III.2 Quantities

III.2.1 Input

View Input data requirements of NAM SOM in comparison to other Soil Organic Matter models:
These seven tables can be downloaded in Postscript Format

III.2.2 Output

View output data of NAM SOM in comparison to other SOM - Models:

IV. References

Ryzhova, I.M. Analysis of humus accumulation in natural zonalecosystem on mathematical model base. Vestnik MoscowskogoUniversiteta, seria 17, Pochvovedenie, 1991, No 1, pp. 25-33 (InRussian).

Ryzhova, I.M. Examination of the stability soil humus-vegetation systemon the basis of a nonlinear model of carbon cycle. VestnikMoscowskogo Universiteta, seria 17, Pochvovedenie, 1992, No 3, pp.12-18 (In Russian).

Ryzhova, I.M. The analysis of stability and bifurcation of carbonturnover in soil-vegetation systems on the basis of the nonlinear model.Systems Analysis Modelling Simulation, 1993, v. 12, pp. 139-145.

Ryzhova, I.M. Analysis of sensitivity of soil-vegetation systems tovariations in carbon turnover parameters based on a mathematicalmodel. Eurasian Soil Science, 1993, v.25, No 12, pp. 43-50.

V. Further information in the World-Wide-Web

GCTE SOMNET Soil Organic Matter Network Database

VI. Additional remarks

Information and remarks about the application
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