additional information of model groundwater flow and nitrate transport (FLOW2d)

period of development: from 01.01.1991 to 01.01.1993

aim of model: prognosis research, parameter derivation,

environmental conditions

geographical location

name of area: District of Vechta (Area of waterworks Holdorf)
elevation above sealevel: 34 m (City of Vechta)
upper left corner: 8 0'E; 52 36'N
lower right corner: 8 10'E; 52 30'N



temporal scale:

stepsize from: 5.000 to: , unit: days

time frame from: 1.000 to: 100.000, unit: years

state of development:

The model is fully calibrated and validated both in ground-water level and nitrate concentration for the area of the waterworks of Holdorf.

further remarks concerning the state of development:

The used techniques are well known and generally accepted to be adequate for modeling ground-water flow. The simulation of contaminant mass flux is sufficiently accurate and the model can thus be regarded as completely developped.

application recommendations

limitations of use:

As long as Darcy' s law is valid (i.e. laminar flow is regarded), the model can be used to simulate ground-water flow and contaminant transport.

current users:

number of users worldwide: 5
number of users nationwide: 0
current use: number of users worldwide is unknown.

uses aimed at: research, engineering, planning

suggested measures for transfer in other areas:

Every kind of flow and transport of ideal tracers in a two-dimensional domain can be modeled as long as the processes are obeying the same laws as here and parameters are known.

use of the model:

support required: No support required.
support available: The author is willing to answer any question.

interactive use posible: No.